VernonSwace (Evaluation, upright a evaluate)

VernonSwace (Evaluation, upright a evaluate)

lunedì, Maggio 25th, 2020

Boats crew likely helped onto another vessel that was headed towards the scene of the fire, a spokeswoman for Maritime and Coastguard Agency said.

Rescue teams from both the German and Dutch navies are now helping the German Coast Guard as well as the French coastguard.

According to AFP, police have said that so far six people had been confirmed dead.

The number of injured was far higher, with at least 15 people thought to have died as a result of the blaze.

The fire appeared to have begun near the entrance to the shipyard when firefighters had tried to contain a blaze. It was reported when emergency crews rushed to the site early on Thursday.

One Dutch sailor was among the shipyard workers who reportedly died in the blaze.

But the shipyard official told the Amsterdam Times that the number of lives that have so far been lost was in the order of 500.

Dardanup shire warns against forced mergers

The Dardanup shire association recently said it opposes a proposal to merge two land holdings, which it said could make for another problem for consumers.

Last month, the regional commission of regional councils approved the proposed $4 million acquisition of land owned by the Dardanup land trust and the Shaughnessy-Moorich-Bucklefield property by the W.B. Merritt & Associates Limited Partnership.

The Merritt group previously bought land on the Shaughnessy-Moorich-Bucklefield property for $2 million, which meant it was required to buy another parcel at the same location, known as the Muckmere, for $9 million.

However, this deal took place before the Shaughnessy-Moorich property was added to the Muckmere area, which means it could not be purchased by the same company for $9 million.

“For the Muckmere-Moorich parcel to be bought it would have to have been bought before the Shaughnessy-Moorich land trust acquisition took place,” said Paul Dank, director of Dardanup shire.

“The Muckmere and Muckmere property are separate land trusts with no apparent nexus. The Muckmere-Moorich parcel is already bought from Muckmere land trustees, so it is not at risk of being sold to the new Muckmere-Moorich parcel-buyer.”

As it stands, however, the Muckmere-Moorich parcel and the Shaughnessy-Moorich land trust are two parcels of land that need to be sold as part of the same transaction, which means buyers would also need to be involved, Dank said.

“For the Muckmere property, we don’t want to sell a parcel where we don’t know it. It’s too complex for that, so we’re not willing to sell a parcel where we don’t know what the conditions might be and would take a long time to reach a deal.”

Dank said it is up to Muckmere property trustees to decide what they do with all the money going to buy a piece of property, but said the new parcel would provide the Dardanup shire an opportunity to move forward with its proposal that merges the two properties.

Dardanup shire board chairwoman Suzanne M. Johnson said she and several other members of the Dardanup community have been meeting with the community, members of the Dardanup fire department and the Muckmere-Moorich association to discuss the proposed transaction and it has become clear that the land trust would purchas